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My teacher once said that "right and true art is infinitely generous", and I know that this is so. I know because I read "fan mail" that so generously gives back that which was so fully received and which matter so much that no one can pretend to own it or to have created it. It can only be passed on freely, with infinite generosity, for this is what makes us human.

Ray Lynch

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All letters used by permission of the authors.

Mr. Lynch,

This is just a note of thanks and appreciation from an old, tired, burnt-out truck driver from Arkansas.

From the hustle and bustle of delivering merchandise around the Midwest, to the constant worries, fears and the like of having a wife with terminal cancer, peace of mind is a rare commodity indeed.

I have been able to achieve a large degree of peace of mind and relaxation from your DEEP BREAKFAST album. It has really been a help to me.

Having never met or seen you, I still wanted you to know that you're a good friend to finish a hard day with. Its really great to be able to listen to your music and reflect on things, clear your mind, and get your priorities back in order.

Thanks Mr. Lynch

Decatur, Arkansas

I, for one, appreciate all of your hard work.


Dear Mr. Lynch,

I have a stepson named Jason. Jason is profoundly handicapped. He cannot see, or walk, or talk, or do anything else that might give you a sign as to what level he has contact with the world. But Jason can hear, and when we play your music, it is obvious that he does listen. In a world of darkness,your music is his rainbow. Thank you for helping us bring the very best of experiences to Jason.


Miami, Florida


Dear Mr. Lynch,

This is going to sound quite weird, but I credit you with saving my life. I first heard your music at an audio store about 10 years ago. I was never able to forget how rich and unique your music was. About 4 years later, I was in the hospital with a very critical case of pneumonia. I couldn't rest or sleep because I couldn't breathe. I remembered your name, but couldn't remember what the album title was. Luckily, a sales clerk at our local music store showed my wife which album was yours. It was DEEP BREAKFAST. While listening to your music, I was finally able to relax enough to rest. Every night I was in the hospital, I listened to that tape. I even had some of the nurses listening to it. I really believe in my heart that if I didn't have your music to listen to, I would not have survived. I would just like to say THANK YOU for making such beautiful music, and I am very much looking forward to your next album.

Thank you again,



Dear Mr. Lynch,

I wanted to write and share with you the peace and happiness your music has brought to me and my Mother. DEEP BREAKFAST has played an important part in my family's enjoyment of music.

When my Mother, aged 80, first heard DEEP BREAKFAST the music brought tears because of its beauty and depth of feeling. This was a lady that enjoyed opera and classical music of all types. Your music became a part of our holidays, and Mother never ceased to enjoy and identify with the feeling of the music.

Regretfully, Mother became a victim of Alzheimer's Disease at age 81, and after keeping her at home with me for nearly two years I was forced to place her in a nursing home. She comes home for each holiday and I am still able to take her for Sunday rides. I now have a CD of DEEP BREAKFAST and NO BLUE THING which I play during the rides. Mother listens intently and is still able to express pleasure with the music. The last time I brought her home was Mother's Day, 1990. During the meal, DEEP BREAKFAST was playing. She suddenly stopped eating and looked off into the distance, deep in thought. She then looked at me and said, "Isn't that beautiful music"? Mother is now nearly 85 and music, in spite of the disease, is one area with which she is able to communicate. She remembers none of her past, but she still identifies with your music.

Thank you for your music! It has meant so much to us, and I look forward to your next album. As a musician I thought it would be important to you to know how your music has affected one family.


Richmond, Virginia


Dear Ray Lynch,

Every night I go to bed all the sadness and depression from the day goes into my mind. I try to cure this depression by listening to loud music like rock, heavy metal, and rap, but it doesn't work. Then one of my friends introduce to me THE SKY OF MIND, NO BLUE THING, and DEEP BREAKFAST.

I listen to this music. Wow! It gives me a different feeling. This music takes my mind with it. I feel like floating on the sky or being in heaven. I left all the sadness and depression behind; and float with the music. There are so many good feelings that I can't even describe them in a word. I would like to thank you, Ray Lynch, for making this beautiful music that could cure my depression and I am looking forward to your new album.

19 years old
Wilingboro, New Jersey


Mr. Lynch,

Hi! My name is K.K. I live in Edina, Minnesota. This is probably just another one of those dumb letters, but I hope you get the chance to read this because I want to say how awesome your music is. I'm only 14 years old and I mostly only listen to Bob Marley, AC/DC, and Eric Clapton but when I heard your disc DEEP BREAKFAST I loved it. I don't know what I'm trying to say but you seem like a really cool guy, and I love your music! I have one favor! Will you please write me back? My address is on the back.

Edina, Minnesota
14 years old

P.S. Thanks!


Dear Ray Lynch,

I am sitting here in my office on this historic day as the stock market crashes listening to your spiritually moving DEEP BREAKFAST which I purchased in Bar Harbor, Maine one week ago.

There is panic and chaos all around me (I am a financial Consultant dealing with Financial Institutions and Mutual Fund Managers) but I feel secure in the spiritual realm of the music you have been inspired to compose and record.

I would be pleased to be put on your mailing list and also hearing from you.

Most sincerely,



Dear Ray Lynch,

I have just purchased and received your three tape set (THE SKY OF MIND, DEEP BREAKFAST, and NO BLUE THING) from Backroads Music by mail.

I have heard your music awhile back on the "Hearts of Space" Program.

The music is wonderful and beautiful, to say the least. I'm doing a "very lonely" 8-year prison sentence in a California State Prison.

This music makes it bearable. With no one caring enough to write or visit me, this is my barrier against insanity.

I'm just a sad, silly and lonely white male, age 39 and going on forever. My profession for the next 20 more months is and will be heavy equipment operator here at the Fire Camp.

I'd love to be put on your mailing list also.

Light, best wishes & white time magic to you!

San Luis Obispo, California


Dear Mr. Lynch,

I wrote to you once before wondering where I could obtain your earlier tape entitled THE SKY OF MIND. I found it in New York City finally and I love it just as much as DEEP BREAKFAST. You are so extremely talented. I am really looking forward to your next tape.

I don't know if you want or need to read what I am writing next but it's pertinent to what I'll write later on. I'm an injured dancer for three years now. I was very good - they said I had what it took to become a professional. I was doing a performance of "Peter and the Wolf" and we had to go out in the audience. A boy about 15 years old tripped me. It wrecked a lot of things in my knee - I had open surgery two and a half years ago. I've been in therapy ever since. I used to have a fear of pain because my pain was so bad. I became dependent on pain medication. I took it 4 times a day and I was scared to do things with my knee. About 4 months ago I finally quit taking pain medication because I realized I was letting the pain rule my life. I had had very unpositive things said to me by various doctors like I'd never dance again, etc., and I finally realized that if I was going to beat this I'd have to do it on my own. My family has been very supportive and I was told a few months ago that there was a very good chance I'd be dancing in a year. I'm still in therapy but I'm striving for that new goal. My problem is I'm 13 (just turned 13 in Oct.) and many people my age don't understand the emotional damage that's caused from an injury besides the physical damage. My younger sister is a dancer also and it's been hard for me to watch her progress. I'm very happy for her - she just got Clara in the Nutcracker Ballet - but still it's hard. So since I have no one to talk to, I've become a person who hides her emotions. I'm very pleasant on the outside, but inside I could be sad or mad or depressed, etc. But then I listen to your music. Your music is very emotional so sometimes when I hear it I either cry or think real hard about my problem and usually by the end of the tape I am feeling better. So I'm thanking you for your music and the feeling behind your music because it makes the rest of us feel so good when we hear it. Keep up the good work! Thank you again!


New York City, NY
13 years old


Dear Mr. Lynch,

Over the last 6 months, I have been in the process of divorce and a protracted in-and-out-of-court battle over the custody of my 8 year old son. In all aspects, it has been a great tragedy, particularly on my son, who is very close to both of us. Shortly after acquiring your collected works, I was awarded primary custody, and my son was returned to me (he had been taken from his home). The first night that he was back in his home, we spent the early evening in a customary manner; and when it was time to go to sleep, we jumped into the family bed and turned out the lights. I said that I wanted him to hear your new album, NO BLUE THING (he was already familiar the DEEP BREAKFAST). I hit the play button and almost immediately upon hearing the first sequences he said: "That's awesome!".And he just broke down and began to cry in really deep grief. (For good reasons and psychologically beneficial reasons, he had, until this time, been denying his sadness and I was getting concerned that he just might repress it entirely with it shunting later into some maladaptive expression).When he started crying, I said nothing, but simply held him; and we both cried for about 15 minutes as your music flowed over us. My son said that it made him cry because it was so beautiful and that it reminded him of all of the good times the three of us had had in the past.

After a while, the sadness passed, and he said once again: "That's really awesome", referring to you music. But this time his mood completely changed; and he turned to me with great intensity and said: "You know, I think I could use some of that music to go with my MegaMan" (MegaMan is a Nintendo computer game). He jumped out of the bed, got a note pad and the case of your disk with the titles of the various cuts. He then hit the replay button and, from the beginning, in the street light from the window behind the bed, proceeded to correlate the various compositions with different segments of his MegaMan. I fell asleep in the process.

It was an unbelievable transition - from the depths of grief to choreographing your music with his computer game.

All of our best,

C.E., Ph.D.
Berkeley, California



Dear R. Lynch,

Hello! Several months ago my father got the tape DEEP BREAKFAST as a gift.

I have become very attached to this tape. I'm almost 14 years old, and have read many books. By reading I'm carried into other worlds and other times. I credit this to my mind's eye. I must say I have a very good mind's eye. With it I have had many adventures, romances, etc.

When I listened to this tape I was amazed. It was the only tape that has ever got my mind's eye going. Every time I listen to it, I live another lifetime.

I can't express my joy enough. I must admit my envy in not being able to create such music.

Thank you,

Oak Hill, Tennessee
14 years old


Dear Mr. Lynch,

I attend to school 41. I am in 6th grade and I am 12 years old.

I can't begin to tell you how beautiful your songs are. You can say that the first time I heard your songs, I fell in love. I think of beautiful things such as people in a wedding party drinking wine, eating cake, and laughing and having fun.

My two favorite songs are Celestial Soda Pop and Falling in the Garden. When I hear these two songs I feel as if I am in heaven. You musn't think I am bluffing or just writing for no reason, just because I am twelve years old. I really think that you are a magnificent and a very creative composer.

The songs are simply beautiful masterpieces of art. You are very creative, so keep doing a great job! Thank you so much.

Very sincerely,

12 years old

P.S. All I ask of you is that you should remember that I think you're the best!


Dear Mr. Lynch,

Your DEEP BREAKFAST tape has helped me survive after the death of my husband 3 years ago. WhenI couldn't sleep at night I would put my headset on and listen to the tape — feeling both sad and happy because it is such a beautiful expression of music. When I take long walks in the mountains it went with me on my walkman. So you see it has been a constant companion and even though my grief has subsided I still play the tape frequently.

I am 76 years old so you know your music suffers no generation gap. My best to you and many thanks.

76 years old


Dear Mr. Lynch,

In my nearly 70 years I have never written a "fan letter", and, strictly speaking, this won't shatter that dubious record, because it is merely a sincere expression of appreciation for a superb piece of work I acquired a month or so ago: DEEP BREAKFAST.

I don't have sophisticated sound equipment, but in this case, none is needed. I just hear it through a small stereo cassette with ear phones ... over and over again. Each time I hear something new...no, not new, just something I missed before.

I tried to describe it in a letter to a friend: "I lay there - in the dark - with stereo ear phones, and within a few minutes it's like being suspended in warm water - touching nothing. All thoughts of frustration, anxiety, and futility are gone as I drift aimlessly through the cosmos".

In the midst of the cacophony which passes for popular music today, you have created an artform, and I am glad for you - and for all the rest of us who are fortunate enough to hear it.




Dear Mr. Lynch,

I thought you would like to know that your music is special. I selected one of your pieces, "Homeward at Last",as one of two musical compositions honoring a favorite nephew, Steve Voolems, who died this August in Evansville, Indiana. As an uncle, not a minister, I gave the funeral service for Steve — a great guy, a coal miner, a Vietnam vet, a wonderful husband, and the father of two kids, and a country western fan. I don't know if he ever heard your music before he died, but he sure has now.

When Steve died at age 41 after fighting cancer for 13 years, I wracked my brain for just the right music to set the mood for a funeral service worthy of him. I love new age, classical, opera, and, yes, some country western too — very eclectic taste. After considering everything I've ever heard over the years, I thought two compositions would be just right for Steve: your "Homeward at Last" and the ageless "Amazing Grace."

Steve's funeral was large, about 400 people, and several later made a point of asking about your music, which I identified during the service. Hope you gained some new fans; you certainly deserve them.

Ever since I first heard "Celestial Soda Pop" on a car radio while commuting several years ago, I've been a big fan of yours. I finally tracked down CSP's album, DEEP BREAKFAST and recently added NO BLUE THING from which, of course, I found "Homeward at Last."

Main thing, I simply wanted to acknowledge your talent and say thanks for helping me devise a memorable tribute to my nephew. May your music always be magical.


Woodbridge, VA


Dear Mr. Lynch,

Recently, my mother-in-law, Georgia Windsor, had the opportunity to see and speak to you while she was attending a retreat at the Sanctuary in Northern California near Clearlake, CA. At that time, she told you about a letter that I wrote to you in 1995 telling you about the calming effect your album DEEP BREAKFAST had on me and others during Operations Desert Shield and Storm. You did not know if you had received the letter or not, since it was being delivered through a third party.

You were kind enough to provide your E-mail and mailing address to her so that I could contact you. For this kindness, I will always be grateful. In case the original letter did not make it to you, I've included a copy of it in this E-mail.

Again, please accept my thanks for your music.


Gary D. Mitchell
CW2, U.S. Army, Retired.


Dear Mr. Lynch,

My wife and I were introduced to your music by my mother-in-law, a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Adi Da. She gave us a copy as a gift in 1987. At that time, I was a member of the U.S. Army.

In September of 1990, I was deployed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where I was a participant in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Understanding how inspirational the music could be, my wife insisted that I take the tape with me. Throughout Desert Storm, I carried it in my vehicle and listened to it frequently. It was one of the very few peaceful moments that I would have through March of 1991. The amazing thing is that everyone that rode in my vehicle would listen to it and find it as moving as I did. As a matter of fact, nearly all of them wanted a copy. At the risk of copyright infringement, I made numerous copies from my original and quite a few of the U.S. Army members that were members of my advisory group had copies. Also, of those that wanted copies, some were the Arabic interpreters (my interpreter was a Saudi Arabian citizen, and a follower of Islam, which makes it even more fascinating).

When Operation Desert Shield became Operation Desert Storm, the tape became even more important to me. Since this was probable the most stressful thing in my life since Vietnam, the nature of the music and the effect it had on me was something that I will never forget. I could come out of a extremely frightening situation, put the tape in, and in moments, be very calm. It had the same affect on all of my peers that were serving with me. One example of this is my involvement in the battle fought at Al-Khafji, the first land battle of Desert Storm, and the only battle fought on Saudi Arabian soil. As we would come out of the city on a rearmament or re-supply mission, I could turn the tape on and literally watch the fear and tension fade from my interpreter's face, knowing it was having the same effect on me. Obviously, we would have to turn off everything except our communications equipment while we were in the city so that we would have no hindrance to being able to hear, but we would continue to listen to it until we were ready to enter the city again.

My wife and I now have DEEP BREAKFAST on compact disk, but I still have the original tape that I listened to many times through those long months. Granted, the quality is a little less for wear and desert dust, but I do still have and cherish it.

Your gift is something that has had a positive influence on me. I am very thankful for your having shared it with those of us that have only the ability to hear, love and appreciate it.

Even though I am sure you receive many letters such as this, I felt it essential that I share with you how much your music has personally meant to me.


Gary D. Mitchell
CW2, U.S. Army, Retired.


Rio de janeiro, Brasil

Dear friends,

Here, from Brasil, I'd like to tell you that your song it's like a blade which cut our heads and distribute colors, lyrics and feelings of the spirits into the body.

Your song still let us near of god, I really think that it is therapeutical and the medicine will discover some day this truth. Anyway, I beg to God bless you and your partners even great work.

Thanks a lot for your fantastic songs and I ask for you never stop.


Marcos Duriez


Mr. Lynch,

I wish to thank you for all of the music that has been dear to me for the last ten years of my life and hope that you continue your work so that my children (when I have them) will know what music is and that no matter what language you speak or where you're from on this planet, music is the only language you need to know one another.

Thank you Sir,

Matthew Stewart


Dear Ray,

Two years ago on May 5, 1989, our son Kyle was seriously injured in a lawn mower accident. While recovering from his first of many operations, we were reminded of the peacefulness and tranquility that "DEEP BREAKFAST" can bring to a young mind. During times in the hospital when no drug could relieve the pain, Kyle would play "DEEP BREAKFAST" on his walkman, and quietly and peacefully fall asleep.

Again last summer while recovering from twelve hours re-constructive surgery on his knee, Kyle knew it was your beautiful music that once again carried him through some long scary nights.

We have since completed our "Ray Lynch Trilogy" by adding "NO BLUE THING".

But most of all it has given, a now 10-year old boy, the ability to use music as an important part of his ongoing recovery.


Stephen, Kathy, Kyle, & Molly Bergeron


Dear Ray Lynch,

I am a 12 ½ year old girl who loves your music from DEEP BREAKFAST. I don't how your music means to me, but I can tell your this; I vividly see things that uplift me. I think you should make more music like the ones you have in DEEP BREAKFAST. Me and my mother love your music. It is like (to me) a movie of delight with no dialog. My favorite single of yours is "Rhythm in the Pews". Just listening to it makes me happy. I don't know why, but it does. I hope in the future you become more successful that nobody has before.

A fan,

Azalea Lee


Bob Goodfriend called because he's too frail to write. He is recovering from heart surgery and received a "DEEP BREAKFAST" cassette as a get-well gift. He had surgery about a month ago and is home from hospital now, but was unable to listen to tape until his daughter gave him a walkman(because he couldn't go up and down stairs, he couldn't get to his home deck). Anyway, he's 65, and has traditional music tastes. He was feeling antsy and finally listened to "DEEP BREAKFAST" yesterday. Although it's not the type of music he'd ordinarily listen to, he found it to be "exquisite", "never heard anything like it!", and it "has done more good" for him than anything so far. He says Ray is "a talented artist and performer with a God-given gift". Thank you, thank you and would you put him on the mailing list?


(Gloria Goodfriend has since written us: "Bob passed away on 4/15/96 I am sad to tell you.")


Dear Mr Lynch,

This morning my husband was called away at 2.45am to go to the crisis in the Middle East (Air Force). Our family has gotten through crisis of this nature before, but there is something else - very unsettling of this one. Anyway, I went to a bookstore to find a bit of good reading to help occupy my mind tonight. While I was browsing, I listened to the music on the store's P.A. system. It captured my thoughts and held them. Well it was your "DEEP BREAKFAST" recording. So I brought it home and as I write, I'm listening to it. Not only is it extremely soothing, but positive and uplifting! Slowing me to reflect peacefully and constructively. I am an anesthesia technician and see and handle stressful situations daily, your music really helps me to "unwind".

When my husband comes home (I don't know when, due to the nature of his mission), I look forward to sharing my musical discovery with him. Thank you for your music, it is truly helping me over a rough spot in life right now.


Terri Bloomberg


Dear Ray,

I'm 43, am ex-Marine, a Viet vet and not in the habit of writing fan letters. But it just seems fair that I should tell you how important your music has become for me.

Here is a man who speaks the language of my soul, I found myself saying, "a kindred spirit". I never stopped to realize that no composer, even the great ones, ever really spoke accurately for me, put into sound the feelings and expressed what I'm unable to share for lack of a vocabulary like yours.

Several month ago, my wife left me for greener pastures. "Too Wounded" and "Your Feeling Shoulders" have become a balm for me. They remind me that even the deepest pain can have dignity within it, even nobility.

Thank you again for showing the rest of us your personal image of beauty and enriching our lives.



Reading the favorite letters brings absolutely no surprise to me. I, too, have been affected by the beautiful sounds of DEEP BREAKFAST. The music of Ray Lynch was unknown the me until 1995 when my husband introduced me to DEEP BREAKFAST. I was hooked!

My first child, a precious baby boy, was born in December of 1998. The early stages of labor were uneventful, but when the time for hard labor arrived...we were in trouble. Both the lives of myself and my son were in jeopary due to complications which have still not been explained to me to this day. I was in danger of having a stroke and Joshua's heartrate continously dropped below critical levels. The words 'emergency cesearean section' were thrown around the room fervently...it was the only way to save both mother and child. Just as the obstetrician was preparing to administer the anesthesia I would need for surgery, my husband pops in our DEEP BREAKFAST CD and the room got quiet. Believe it or not, it was enough to relax me to the point that I was able to deliver my son safely into this world without any further complication.

I don't know if DEEP BREAKFAST saved our lives, but it surely saved us from a lot of pain. As for my son, he required little resuscitation before being handed to me. I saw a rosy, glowing, curious little creature...a miracle. He came into life with DEEP BREAKFAST in the background . . . WHAT AN ENTRANCE!! Thanks be to God for giving Ray Lynch the gift of life through his music.

Christina Phillips



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