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Looking for some classical mp3s to download, or classical music CDs to buy, but want something a little different from well-worn classical composers like Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart? You've come to the right place. Enjoy classical music from three-time Billboard Award winner,Ray Lynchwhose albums have sold in excess of 2 million copies.




Experience the unique classical music of Ray Lynch:

     Imagine a Baroque/Renaissance court; a small group of people are gathered around someone with a lute who is making beautiful classical music no one has ever heard before. Now transport him into the 21st century, familiarize him with the intervening 400 years of world culture, and surround him with a wealth of classical musical instruments, as well as keyboards. This is an appropriate introduction to Ray Lynch, whose 5 albums have sold in excess of two million copies worldwide.

     It is the communication of deep and profound feeling, at once sensual and transcendent, that lies at the heart of Ray Lynch's musical sensibility. A classically trained guitarist and lutenist specializing in early and Renaissance music, Ray Lynch was one of the first serious classical musicians to embrace the use of new musical technologies, pioneering their application in combination with a full range of classical acoustic instruments, to create melodic, highly emotional musical recordings.

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The Vanished Gardens of Córdoba
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Ray comments on his classical music background:

" Both my mother and my older brother were classical pianists and I began studying piano at the age of 5 or 6. I studied classical guitar with Eduardo Sainz de la Maza in Barcelona for three years in the early 60's. I practiced 8 hours a day, saw him twice a week, and I covered a lot of ground in those three years. He was also a composer and I became increasingly interested in composition. I left Spain and taking my training in "musique classique" I returned to the University of Texas in order to study composition and music theory."

At age 21, Ray returned to Austin, where he spent the next three years studying composition at the University of Texas, and composing symphonic and chamber music, some of which was performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. "As a lutenist, I wanted to learn more about early music (which had become more interesting and moving to me than the standard classical repertoire) and I also wanted to play with other good musicians (as opposed to playing solo): The lute offered far more ensemble music than the classical guitar."

With the Renaissance Quartet in New York, Ray's growing expertise with the lute earned him a second invitation, this time from the Renaissance Quartet. He moved to New York City where he spent the next seven years performing with the quartet and other "Early Music" groups that were at the core of New York City's revival of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music.

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Over Easy

The "neo-classical music" of Ray Lynch: Ray comments: "The most important influence throughout my career, both as performer and composer, is Western, classical music of the last five centuries." All of Ray Lynch's music is based in the classical style. He combines traditional classical instruments, such as the violin and viola, piano, French and English horns, flute, guitar, oboe with non-traditional sounds he creates with modern technology. He often works with members of the San Francisco Symphony.




The CDs of classical composer, Ray Lynch




Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening

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This masterful classical album offers a musical depth, structural sophistication and emotional richness that summarizes Ray's classical background. It marks the completion of a major phase of his artistic work. " The Vanished Gardens of Cordoba ", the most orchestral piece Ray has done, expresses the majesty and the melancholy of incarnation, the paradox of human existence with both the promise of possible transcendence and inevitable mortality (with all the melancholy attending the perception of a paradise lost). " Her Knees Deep in Your Mind " was written after Ray had recovered from a long illness. It was the first piece completed and it set the overall tone for this album. "Compelling" is a good way to describe it.

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Her Knees Deep in Your Mind   

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Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening

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