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     For more than a decade, Lynch has been fully engrossed in a passion which few would have expected. His intention was to write a book which explored the relationship of mathematics and music, but the passion behind the intention was centered in roots and first principles, narrowing the focus to that of ancient mathematics and Pythagorean tuning theory. Even so, it soon became clear that despite this intention, Lynch's real commitment was to connect the dots, wherever they might lead, and they led him into surprising and unanticipated territory. The book is still about mathematics, music, and harmonics, but it also explores ancient cosmology and mythology, the nature of number, metrology, geodesy, the mathematical constants of physics, human spirituality, the precession of the equinoxes, human prehistory, and the meaning of what we call "history." All of which should help to explain why it has taken so long to finish one book.

     The book's title is still being considered, and the first draft is now in its editing stage, a process vital to any art form that aspires to be coherent as well as enjoyable for non-specialists. Lynch has realized that the process and the obligations involved in writing a book are fundamentally similar to those involved in composing music. He won't be able to let go of it until he knows that he can't make it any better.



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