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Dear Music Lovers,

Looking for some piano sheet music to play, but want something a little different from either well-worn classics like Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, or modern pop / rock music songbooks from the likes of Billy Joel, Elton John, or the Beatles? Well, you've come to the right place.

Welcome to the elegant and beautiful piano sheet music from three time Billboard winner,Ray Lynchwhose albums have sold in excess of 2 million copies.




     It is the communication of deep and profound feeling, at once sensual and transcendent, that lies at the heart of Ray Lynch's musical sensibility. A classically trained guitarist and lutenest specializing in early and Renaissance music, Ray began his musical training at age 6. Both his mother and older brother were classical pianists, and Ray's first instrument was the piano. Ray Lynch was also one of the first serious classical musicians to embrace the use of new musical technologies, pioneering their application in combination with a full range of acoustic instruments, to create melodic, highly emotional musical recordings, some of which are now available for piano sheet music.

Though he's one of the most influential artists in "new-age pop" and adult-alternative circles, Lynch has extensive formal music training. . . . Growing numbers of listeners seem attracted to his vibrant electronic textures and heartrending melodies.

Linda Kohanov, All Music Guide




In 1994, sheet music giant, Hal Leonard, asked Ray to transcribe selections from his 5 albums for sheet music for piano to create "Ray Lynch Anthology".

sheet music for piano

80 pages
(14 pieces)

All sheet music books are autographed by Ray

Includes a Q & A with Ray Lynch

Ray's sheet music:
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free piano sheet music:
Ivory" from Ray Lynch Anthology




Ray Lynch's albums have sold in excess of two million copies, and here are the selections Ray chose for transcription into sheet music for piano:

Sheet music for piano from Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening :
  • Ivory

Sheet music for piano from Deep Breakfast ( a Platinum album) :

  • Celestial Soda Pop
  • Falling in the Garden
  • Your Feeling Shoulders
  • Rhythm in the Pews
  • Kathleens Song
  • Pastorale

Sheet music for piano from No Blue Thing :

  • No Blue Thing
  • Here & Never Found
  • Homeward at Last
  • Evenings, yes

Sheet music for piano from The Sky of Mind :

  • Quandra Good News
  • Too Wounded




I listen to a wide variety of music, but I must say that Mr. Lynch is one of the most talented and most original artists I listen to. I was wondering if there is any way to get sheet music of any of his songs. . . . I would great appreciate any info.

Jamie & Adrien Sumner
Jonesville, South Carolina

Jamie and Adrien, you'll be delighted to know that we are now offering piano sheet music for some of Ray Lynch's best-loved pieces, in the Ray Lynch Anthology.

Ray's sheet music:
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Hello once again mr. lynch.. this is going on my 2nd or 3rd yr of listening to your music... a while back i bought the sky of mind cd and that makes my 3rd album of yours.. and i love that cd. . . . i haven't met a bad song yet. . . .once i learn piano i am going to buy your sheetmusic and play it and learn the experience you get to have.

Kasey Shields, high school student,
Piedmont, Oklahoma