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A new cd release from Ray Lynch is great news for all Ray Lynch fans.

And this one -- Ray Lynch Best Of, Volume 1 -- offers music from the imagination of a composer whose music has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

 How do you sort through the thousands of new cd releases each year to find the one that really moves and delights you? Not familiar with Ray's music? Odds are you've heard it! Ray Lynch is the composer of the groundbreaking premier CD album Deep Breakfast, with worldwide sales in excess of 1,256,000 copies. Deep Breakfast is an adult contemporary CD classic as well as a New Age cd classic, and New Age music's first independently released Gold album. ( it would later go Platinum) A classically trained guitarist and lutenist , Ray Lynch was one of the first serious classical musicians to embrace the use of "new age" music technologies, pioneering their application in combination with a full range of acoustic instruments, to create melodic, highly emotional musical recordings. Ray Lynch has released 5 cds to date and sold in excess of 2 million albums worldwide without performing.

Though he's one of the most influential artists in "new-age pop" and adult-alternative circles, Lynch has extensive formal music training. . . . Growing numbers of listeners seem attracted to his vibrant electronic textures and heartrending melodies.

Linda Kohanov, All Music Guide

Best Of Ray Lynch

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One of the top 10 New Age albums of all time. Ray's new cd release. Here you'll find nine truly great (and digitally remastered!) pieces from Ray's prior four cd releases, plus two exquisite new compositions, " Ralph's Rhapsody " and " The Music of What Happens ". Ray Lynch Best Of is included in's Top Ten New Age albums of all time:

The great recluse of New Age music, synthesist/composer Ray Lynch has been holed up in his northern California home studio for years, spinning out masterful miniatures, while steadfastly refusing to tour or score films. This album lives up to its title, serving up the finest of Lynch's diverse oeuvre, from the jocular " Ralph's Rhapsody " to the synthesized mini-symphony " The True Spirit of Mom & Dad ." The Platinum-selling multiple-Billboard Award winner enjoyed one sizeable hit in his career, the witty " Celestial Soda Pop " (you'll recognize it), but turn to tracks like " The Temple " or " The Oh of Pleasure " to experience Lynch's unfettered genius for maximizing tonal space. music review

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Ray Lynch Best Of, Volume 1

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Ray comments on his new cd release:

I wanted Best Of to be something more than just a retrospective; hence the inclusion of two very recent pieces ( Ralph's Rhapsody and The Music of What Happens ) - - written for the next new Ray Lynch album) as well as a dance or club version of Celestial Soda Pop (Celestial Soda Pop Remix). The record label suggested I do a new version of Celestial Soda Pop for the Best Of , but after much consideration I found I really didn't want to do it (I thought I got it right the first time), but I wouldn't mind if someone else had a crack at it. And why not a dance remix (which would at least satisfy my many friends under the age of 20?) So it was done, and an 8-9 minute dance or "club" version (Nikolas/Sibley) was forthcoming. It was exactly what I had asked for and I was, nevertheless, both shocked by its four-on-the floor, in-your-face attitude and amused by its relationship to the original. With time and familiarity the shock wore off (after all, it ain't dance music without the beat), but I realized that I couldn't include a long dance piece (however well made for its purpose) on an album that was meant for listening. So I edited the 8-minute dance remix down to 4 minutes, and then I added elements until I found it interesting. This turned out to be far more difficult than I had imagined, and after many weeks and several versions, I emerged with a better understanding and appreciation (somewhat reluctantly given) for the club genre. I can only hope that the remixed remix works for you as it does for me. The piece appears as it does simply because that's the way I enjoy hearing it. So much for the new music - I've also included nine pieces from the previous 4 albums, all digitally remixed, so you may hear things you never heard before!

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Ray Lynch Best Of, Volume 1

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All of Ray's albums have had broad appeal -- he receives fan mail from youngsters barely able to write, to octogenarians -- and his new cd release is no exception:

I always play this music . . . when doing homework, or to relieve stress, or just because! I have since memorized the entire CD and spread the word to my friends (one of who bought it!). My favorite part about your music is that each melody and harmony is beautiful. You don't ever overdo the electronics -- you instead balance it with instruments used in classical music. I love The Music of What Happens -- because I play the violin, and I love Celestial Soda Pop and The True Spirit of Mom and Dad -- in fact, I love the whole CD! You are a total genius! Thank you for creating such beautiful music.

Gabriella Miyares, age 12, Jacksonville, FL

This music comes out of silence, and with these energetic, bright and rich sounds you leave your ordinary room, your ordinary world, leave your troubles and problems. You are in a beautiful place, full of bright and exotic flowers and trees. Wonderful songs of fantastic birds are ringing in the air... It is sunny and fresh summer morning. You can see distant waterfalls, filling the air with sparkling droplets of water... Far away you can see beautiful and high mountains, covered with snowcaps . . ..

Such thoughts came to me with the music of this [new cd release] of the famous musician and composer Ray Lynch. . . . Besides a large variety of synthesizer sounds, Ray Lynch actively includes in his music the sound of acoustic instruments, such as violins and cellos, trumpets, oboe and English horn, and even vocal parts. That is another reason why this music sounds so alive! . . .

If you are fond of really good music, the best works of the new age music, listen to this album.

Alexander Petrov
Music Reviewer
Republic of Belarus


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Ray Lynch Best Of, Volume 1

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