Ecstatic music lovers everywhere ponder this question as they play his albums, unable to get enough of his beautiful music.

     In the early days of his musical career, Ray Lynch was an unknown classically trained guitarist and lutenist who began experimenting with innovative new music technology. After releasing his beautiful debut album, The Sky of Mind, Ray then composed the phenomenal album Deep Breakfast. His superb-sounding music began appearing in bookstores and gift shops everywhere delighting and inspiring those who heard it. People of nearly all ages wanted this album and almost overnight, mostly through word-of-mouth, demand for Ray's masterpiece soared. As with all things worth having, good music stands the test of time and today, Deep Breakfast has sold over 1.3 million albums, and was the first independently released album to be certified Platinum. The music of Deep Breakfast continues to delight new generations of fans — including those who now listen to it on the in-game radio stations of the wildly popular video game, Grand Theft Auto IV.

     Spirits soared with Ray's third album, the emotionally stirring No Blue Thing, which won 2 Billboard Awards, and has sold over 400,000 albums. Ray's fourth album, the classical Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening, surprises listeners with its feeling beauty and haunting melodies reflecting Ray's classical beginnings. With Ray Lynch Best Of, fans are treated to a top-notch collection of Ray's finest work, all digitally remastered for unprecedented sound quality. Highlighting Best Of are two new songs "Ralph's Rhapsody", and "The Music of What Happens", plus a wonderfully infectious dance remix of "Celestial Soda Pop".

     It's always better if someone else sings your praises, so we invite you to visit Ray's "Guestbook" and his "Favorite Letters" sections on this site, to read how Ray's fan's feel about his music. You'll find letters from housewives, judges, truck drivers, students, nurses, professors and children, to name but a few. Better yet, order one of his CD's - we ship within 48 hours, and you'll enjoy it for many years to come. Ray's music gets better with each listen, and to date, his music has sold well over 2 million albums and won 3 Billboard Awards, all without the benefit of performing.

     If you have a question, or would like to license Ray's music for one of your projects, please feel free to contact me or visit our new website Or just leave an entry in his "Guestbook". If you would like to be added to Ray's private mailing list, please let us know by email. For a fuller sense of Ray and how he feels about his music, please click on "Up Close & Personal".

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