Grand Theft Auto IV

The Oh Of Pleasure

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You're listening to The Oh of Pleasure by Ray Lynch & Tom Canning
From Ray Lynch's Platinum album Deep Breakfast

No one was more surprised than we were when we were contacted by RockStar with their interest to include The Oh of Pleasure in their Grand Theft Auto IV video game. We didn't even know what it was. So we searched around the internet and found out about it. What we found surprised us; a high powered action-adventure video game series that wanted to include Ray Lynch's The Oh of Pleasure. So we agreed and kept good company with Hip Hop, Jazz Fusion, Electronica, Ambient Music, among others. Amazing.  
Grand Theft Auto IV Soundtrack
    Grand Theft Auto IV Soundtrack    

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What astute listeners and hip game players ACROSS THE WEB are saying about the music of Ray Lynch in Grand Theft Auto IV:

  • Wow, The Oh of Pleasure is on the new Grand Theft Auto 4 game soundtrack. I never thought that would happen. Love your music.

    Ian, MySpace

  • Congratulations getting one of your songs in Grand Theft Auto IV music! I'd only heard The Oh of Pleasure at Disney World, which is also the first place I heard Celestial Soda Pop. So I was really happy to suddenly hear a familiar sound while cruising down the virtual road in a stolen car, running people over and starting police chases!

    Alex G., Georgia

  • A fan wrote us saying he heard the song in GTA IV and thought it was very cool. We wrote back and asked him if the music was well placed, and here's what he wrote:

    "Yes, the game is very popular. It has already broken a few Guinness World Records in its first few weeks. To answer your question, I do think the music is used well. I was just startled to hear it in this particular game, since it's so controversial. The context in which it's used is very cool. One of the things you can do in the game is carjack cars. The people you steal the cars from are typically listening to one of the games many radio stations. One of the stations plays music with Ray's style. You can also change the radio station. The first time I heard "The Oh of Pleasure" was night time in the game. I had carjacked a car that was the equivalent of a Mercedes. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the driver had been listening to Ray Lynch! Wow... it's actually... amazing. A song I can think of so many possible movie scenes to go with.

    seRIOusly_kool, Game Spot Forums

  • In the mix are tracks from Aphex Twin's SAWII, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and Ray Lynch. I think this game might have the Best soundtrack ever!

Some AMAZING FACTS about Grand Theft Auto IV:

  • Grand Theft Auto IV broke the Guinness World Records for "Highest grossing video game in 24 hours" and "Highest Revenue Generated by an Entertainment Product in 24 Hours". It sold 3.6 million copies on day one, which equaled roughly $310 million in revenue.

  • For first day sales it also broke the record of "Fastest-selling video game in 24 hours", previously held by Halo 3 at $170 million.

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